November 29

Holiday Season trends 2022



Comfort and style

A more comfortable and stylish holiday season is around the corner. At least, if you know how to switch up your attire. From family dinners to parties with your pals, we’ve might have some inspiration to get you started.

We’re excited to have it all this winter: finally gathering with close friends and family, enjoying some good food and actually getting dressed up in festive holiday outfits. After all looking good while celebrating in style is our specialty.

Something comfortable

There you are in front of you wardrobe, imagining yourself sitting at the big family table, ready to eat and drink all the goodness that is about to be served. You want to feel relaxed, energised and ready to take on that main course and leave space for dessert and a possible cheeky party ;-).

A button-up shirt to pair with your suit is going to look stylish, yet old fashioned and offers no room for comfort or that delicious dessert.



Get right in that comfort zone and choose a high quality T-shirt to pair with your holiday season look. A no-brainer during the holiday season. You will look ultra stylish and feel comfortable during the day AND night! Club 24 offers 7 amazing colors to choose from and look at your best, helping you to truly shine during your next event! Truly, Free Again!